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Rockhampton Sustanon 250 Weekly Dosage dad asks for help to see girls in Netherlands

THE GOOD OLD DAYS: Former Rockhampton man Merv Smith "Anabolika Definition" enjoys time with his daughters Reagan (left), who is now 11 and Jordan, who is 8. Also pictured is his ex wife Patricia. File

ROCKHAMPTON man Merv Smith knows too well the trials, tribulations and rewards of Comprar Gh Jintropin being a stay at home dad.

A father daughter bond he developed and nurtured with his daughters Reagan, 11, and Jordan, 8, while he was living in the Netherlands for four years with his ex wife, was unbreakable.

That 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron was until he entered a toxic, downward, spiral of addiction and alcohol.

Merv met his ex wife Patricia, who is from the Netherlands, through an online dating website. She moved to Australia and the pair were married. Reagan and Jordan were born not long after they were married.

In 2005 Merv, his ex wife and their daughters moved to the Netherlands. While Merv was in the Netherlands, he stayed home and took care of Testosterone Enanthate Liver his girls while Patricia worked.

Merv said before long he was in the "Anadrol 50" grasp of addiction and alcoholism. Following his journey down that path, he decided to seek help Testosterone Enanthate Long Term Side Effects and spent six months in a rehabilitation clinic in Scotland.

He separated from Patricia and was forced to move back to Australia in 2009 without his daughters.

Since then he hasn seen Reagan or Jordan, except through Skype.

Upon returning to Australia, Merv briefly relapsed into the drink for a few months. He said his last drink was on October 7, 2009, which he said "I not proud of".

Following "Anabolika Definition" that he suffered from depression from being away from his daughters. Thankfully, he said he never touched a bottle.

Now Merv, who now lives in the Gold Coast with his partner Alison, is hoping to raise enough money to visit the Netherlands this year during the European summer.

He said he tried his best to raise money, working his day time job in retail and trying to secure interest from clients through his web design business, but bills and the cost of living made it tough. He said his income bracket was at the lower end of the spectrum.

Merv is asking for support from the public.

"I don see any other way to see my girls. I doing my best to get there," he said. Click donate.

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