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Rex "Anadrol 50" and Bob still in shock

How close were Rex Harrington and Bob Hope to not "Anadrol 50" being eliminated in Tuesday episode of The Amazing Race Canada? About two and a half minutes.

The couple became the fifth team to be ousted in the globe trotting reality competition and when host Jon Montgomery gave them the news, their jaws hit the floor.

were totally shocked, Hope tells QMI Agency. I glad we didn Buy Cheap Jintropin Online go out in some teary eyed can challenge. pair were just minutes behind Ryan Steele and Rob Goddard, but a wrong turn caused them to lose.

we got to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, we got out of our cab and went looking for the door, Hope says. ran around the whole building looking for the door, but it was just to the right when we got Sustanon 250 Injection Frequency out of the cab. We were just a few minutes behind Rob and Ryan. Had we gotten out of the pierogies quicker, then we still be in it. saw Natalie and Meghan and they are the superstars of the show and they are always in first, Harrington adds. thought, they had a hockey challenge, of course they got through it, so we must be doing really well. Then we saw Rob and Ryan and thought, must be third. was an absolute shock. whole time they were part of the race Harrington and Hope envisioned themselves in the finale, joking Gensci Jintropin that they thought they would at least outlast the bumbling Sukhi and Jinder and Mickey and Pete.

thought, won "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" get eliminated, they Testosterone Cypionate Long Or Short Ester just get lost, Hope says with Winstrol A Prolaktyna a laugh.

whole strategy was to be in the top three; and we were twice. When we got to the finale we were going to have a different strategy for whoever else was in there. not making it to the end, Rex and Bob say the experience was still a life changer.

are things you do that you probably would never do unless you were forced to do them, Harrington adds. a lot of bucket list things.