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7 love rules you need to break

These relationship secrets go against conventional wisdom, but "Cosmo" believes in shaking things up. Colleen Rush shares seven new rules for today's relationships:

Just because you've always done something one way doesn't mean it's the right way. Remember how much your life improved when you finally gave up super low rise jeans, dating only bad boys, and dial up modems? Relationship experts say that ditching the following seven love rules can be just as liberating maybe more.

Just keep the comments directed at the chick's behavior so you don't seem like you're trying to control him. Examples: "I don't like the way she was hanging all over you" or "Could she show any more cleavage?" Revealing your inner green demon in moderation is flattering because it lets him know that the threat of losing him disturbs you and it demonstrates a genuine desire to protect your bond.

Old rule: Never go to bed angry

You're trained to talk, talk, talk it out when there's tension in the air because you Deca Durabolin C'Est Quoi want a resolution.

New rule: Sleep on a problem

Heat of the moment discussions can spiral out of control quickly. "When you force an issue, you blab without having thought out what "Anaboliset Aineet" you need to say, which increases the chance that you'll both blurt out things you'll regret later," says Piver. And that's doubly true if you're tired. Sleeping on it first allows you to sort out what points are truly important. It also lets you decompress so that you'll be calmer and more rational when you make your case. Just say, "I'm irritated and need time away." It can be smart to acquiesce if he's asking for a recess, too. Instead of insisting that you hash it out at that moment, schedule a time to readdress the issue. Saying "Let's talk about this tomorrow after work" makes it clear that you intend to revisit the conversation . and that he's not off the hook.

"Most arguments lose their bite if you take some time out to think them through," says Piver. "The next day, you'll be able to talk about it Gensci Jintropin without so much anger. And you fight, and move on without discussing it to death."

Old rule: Crushing on other guys is cheating lite

Unlike men, who feel free to ogle away at chicks without the slightest sense of remorse, women have a tendency to overthink a fleeting flirtation or lusty attraction to other men. The end result is that you get all the guilt of an illicit affair without any of the fun.

New rule: An innocent fantasy can fuel your love life

The juiced up feeling you get from a clandestine crush can be good for your existing twosome. The reason? You start to feel like that foxy, flirtatious single girl you used to be (the one your man "Anabolika Definition" found so irresistibly hot), and he reaps the benefits of your reawakened excitement.

Look, sexual chemistry with other people is normal, and feeling guilty about a crush is an exercise in futility. Says Rock: "Just because you are attracted to someone else even if you're fantasizing about him doesn't mean you're going to act on it." As long as you don't cross the line Anavar E Espinhas and turn your fantasy into reality, it's OK to stop censoring your lusty thoughts and start enjoying them.

Old rule: Always try to wow him in the sack

Since you're a hot "Cosmo" girl, you likely spend a lot of time cooking up 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone ways to blow your guy's mind between the sheets, which, to be clear, is a very good thing. The danger begins if you focus on pleasing him to the point where you don't get your own O zone needs met. "Women sometimes have a hard time articulating what they want, particularly in bed," says Rock. "They tend to be too selfless because they're more comfortable giving to their partner than taking from him."

New rule: Be selfish between the sheets

Men pride themselves on being able to get you off, so even though it seems like a giving nature would provide him with the ultimate gratification, you'll actually Deca Durabolin Video erode his sexual ego over time if he thinks your toes aren't curling, too. "If you're not satisfied, you both end up unhappy," says Rock. The solution is easy, even if you're too shy to say outright what you like: Use moans to let him know what turns you on or just demonstrate where and how you want to be touched.

Old rule: You have to share all the same interests

Some couples mistakenly think that being on the same page and being close means taking an active interest in all of each other's pastimes.

New rule: Solo time boosts your bond

If you love snowboarding and so does, he, great. Bur forcing yourself to participate in his random hobbies dilutes your interactions. You get bored and ask him lots of questions, and he feels uncomfortable because he knows you're not really interested. Conversely, pressuring him to take part in your extracurriculars will just make him resentful.

Old rule: Don't fall all over him

You think he'll Buy Viagra Berlin gag if you throw your arms around his neck and tell him every little thing you love about him. Besides, you've been together long enough that he knows how you feel or think.