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18 year old buying a house

I second what Nick said. Buy and hold is not a good idea if you do not have any cash reserves. What happens if you have a vacancy or unexpected repair? How would you cover those costs?

I started off buying rentals (well, it was only one, actually), when I had zero cash reserves, and it was a NIGHTMARE. I ended up getting lucky and selling it at the top of the market "Oxandrolone Powder India" for a profit, but I would never advise anyone to buy something to hold if they don have some cash in the bank.

Good luck,Well I pretty sure I going to take your guys advice and start bird Bolt 200m dogging. I going Buy Cheap Jintropin Online to start looking for potential houses this week in my area. Should I just look in my city or what? After I find the houses how do I find an investor?

Now I read somewhere on this forum bird dogging is illegal. Is this true?

I was talking to my mom last night and she told me about how you can get your real estate license through Tarbell Realtors. I contacted them today and they said it costs about $300 and they prepare you for your state exam. My mom said she would pay for it. Would it be a good idea for me to get my license if I don want "Oxandrolone Powder India" to be an agent?

I pretty sure I want to be an accountant (depending on how Anavar 5 Week Cycle I like it in community college) and I know for sure an investor.

Patrick, I can tell your an excited young man. Maybe staying up a little to late watching those "buy a house for 300$" infomercials.

for starters take that 300$ investment your mother is going to hand over and go and buy a nice pair of slacks, shoe and a long sleeve shirt. Maybe 2 pairs if you 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron shop at walmart ( I love wally world )

go to a local investors meeting and introduce yourself to some investors and tell them your interested in bird dogging for them, ask them what their looking for etc. etc.

refer a deal or 2, make a buck and continue to educate yourself in the mean time.

I know that was pretty generalized, but I hope it helps somewhat

ps, wear your nice clothes whenever your meeting an investor, realtor, homeowner or anyone else face to face that your talking to real estate about. I work out of my house but I almost always wear nice clothes incase I need to run out quickly I ready to go at a moments notice.

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Originally posted by Patrick E:Nick,

So bird dogging is when you sell other investors information on houses for sale? I thought you got paid when they close on a deal.

I going to a seminar for the real estate license next Wednesday, so I find Equipoise Bloat out more about that.

I probably going to attend my first REI meeting this month. I can wait for "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" that.

Patrick, read between the lines. Real estate investing has a lot of area What I saying is in most cases it illegal to accept a commission without being a licensed professional.

if you over complicate the thinking from the beginning you talk or think yourself out of deals out of habit later on.

I not sure I can simplify my previous post, but if your still overthinking it, I can try to paint a picture for you.

you can really get yourself in a lot of trouble being a licensed professional while investing especially since your so new and have no clue whats going on.